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Ranking rd out of countries in for environmental performance, China faces major environmental problems including severe air and water pollution, deforestation, water-issues, desertification, extinction, and overpopulation. Yet, changes in Chinese society have offset some of the environmental benefits one would expect from slowing population.

Between and , China added million new households due to social changes, such as increased divorces and less multigenerational households, cutting the average number of people living in each house. Moving forward the government should enact new policies to stem the growth of new households, according to Liu. Liu points out that there has been some sizable movement towards sustainability recently: just over 15 percent of China is now protected as natural reserves; logging of natural forests has been banned since ; and the government has pledged to cut CO2 emissions intensity per unit of GDP by percent by from levels.

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China is moving aggressively on clean energy, outpacing both the US and the EU in green investments. Still, while the nation has put in place many environmental laws, Liu says these regulations need better implementation and monitoring. Citation: Jianguo Liu. April 2nd, , Volume Consumption habits cause rich countries to outsource emissions.

Annually, each person if the United States outsources 2.

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Extinct animals are quickly forgotten: the baiji and shifting baselines. Despondent, researchers declared that the baiji was likely extinct. Please urge this person to fulfill his or her legal obligations. Following data concerns, these tech companies—and six others—were not awarded any licenses by the government.

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However, social media giants are still involved in orchestrating the public shaming of citizens who misbehave. The social credit system may not be an entirely new initiative in China. These dossiers, which were first used in the Maoist years, helped the government in maintaining control of its citizens.

In , people with a low score were prohibited from buying plane tickets almost 18 million times , while high-speed train ticket transactions were blocked 5. A further people were prohibited from leaving China, due to unpaid taxes.

Cities are Growing Up

The system could have major implications for foreign business practices—as preference could be given to companies already ranked in the system. Companies with higher scores will be rewarded with incentives which include lower tax rates and better credit conditions , with their behavior being judged in areas such as:.

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Despite the complexities of gathering vast amounts of data, the system is certainly making an impact. While there are benefits to having a standardized scoring system, and encouraging positive behavior—will it be worth the social cost of gamifying human life? As many American companies have discovered, doing business in China is far from straightforward. Recent history is littered with examples of companies that entered the Chinese market to great fanfare, only to retreat a few years later. Here are some high profile examples of corporate u-turns by American companies operating in the Chinese market:.

Google publicly displayed a disclaimer indicating that some results were removed, which created tensions with the Chinese government. For a while, things seemed to be going well. After one last ditch effort to provide unfiltered search results within China, the company retreated beyond the firewall. Amazon was an early entrant into the Chinese market.

In , the company acquired Joyo — an online shopping site — which was eventually rebranded to Amazon China in Facing nearly insurmountable competition from domestic e-commerce platforms like JD and Taobao, the company recently announced it would be exiting the Chinese market.

After arriving fashionably late for the ride-hailing party in , it quickly became clear that Uber was facing an uphill battle against well-funded domestic rivals. After only two years, Uber elected to u-turn out of the Chinese market.

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Now that red-hot growth at home is beginning to taper off, a number of Chinese companies have begun their push into other markets around the world. One high-profile example is Huawei. The telecommunications giant has been making inroads in countries around the world — particularly in emerging markets — but has seen pushback and scrutiny in a number of developed economies. Already, Australia has blocked the company from participating in its 5G network , and in the United States, government agencies are banned from buying Huawei gear.

If negative sentiment continues to build, it remains to be seen whether Huawei and other Chinese companies will follow the playbook of American brands in China, and turn the car around. Email address. Connect with us. The Global Rush to Build New Skyscrapers To see the full resolution version of this infographic that has higher legibility, click here. Cities are Growing Up In general, only very large cities have the resources to build and support extremely tall buildings.

Lee landed his first starring role with his fourth film, once again about a tough street urchin with a heart of gold. At just 10 years old, Lee shows off a range of emotions and raw charisma. In one scene, he humorously imitates his teacher; in another, he puffs himself up with cocky bravado by throwing his shoulders back and thumbing his nose at an opponent — one of his signature moves as an adult actor.

The movie was a box-office hit and a sequel was planned that might have turned Lee into the Macaulay Culkin of Hong Kong, but his father refused to let him repeat the role. Lee was causing trouble in school and getting into fights on the streets, so his parents put him in show-business time-out until his behavior improved. He plays Chen Zhen, the student of a famous kung fu master in s colonial Shanghai. When Chen Zhen discovers his master was killed by the Japanese, he unleashes his furious fists. In his first Golden Harvest movie, his character immigrates to Thailand to work in an ice factory, which is actually a front for a drug-smuggling operation.

He rips through his enemies with lustful glee. Hong Kong audiences were blown away. Lee hoped this Hong Kong movie, which he wrote, directed, and starred in, would be his ticket back to Hollywood as a leading man. Lee was never fully comfortable onscreen unless he was the star, and he had been waiting ten years, since The Kid , for a leading role. Modeling his troubled teenage character on James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause , Lee give his most emotionally complex performance as an actor in this film.

One moment he is snarling, the next laughing maniacally, and all the while spewing out a fetid stew of Cantonese street slang. Instead, his death a month before its release left it the high-water mark of his career. Terrified that Warner Bros. The result was a performance so intense he seems to vibrate off the screen. Two hours of watching Lee punch, kick, and hack his way through dozens of bad guys inspired millions of Western kids to take up the martial arts.

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