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According to the Duane Tudahl's fantastic and highly detailed daily studio journal Prince and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions and , director Albert Magnoli realized that the film need a romantic duet sung by Prince and his co-star, Apollonia. After a few sessions working on this and other unspecified songs, Prince did the basic tracking and overdubs for the song on Jan. So the poor thing was thrown into the studio: 'Here, you have to sing this.

I doubled her vocals on 'Take Me With U' to make it sound a little better. Jill Jones was also recruited to help by providing a ghost track for Apollonia to follow. I believe that's how he felt about it, because we saw a difference. Like, 'Oh, wow, she's getting there.

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I don't want to reveal too much about he book. I tell you this book is not for everybody. Seriously, I can't bring myself to recommend this to anyone. This fucked with my head, turned my mind upside down. There are some pretty sick scenes. No torture scenes but the stuff is very I feel so bad for loving this. And not like in a bad girl - kind of way.

Literally, I think there's something really, really wrong with me. I want to scream in rage. I should only hate this. But I can't help myself. He turns me on. This is all the author's fault. Hers, and the characters she's created. I'm just another victim to Stockholm Syndrome. The writing, it sucks you right into the story.

And to create such complex characters. I'm so impressed. I hope she continues to write this sick stuff in the future as well. I'm so ready. Bring it on. Just absolute shock. Thinking about this for a couple days..

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View all 22 comments. The night watcher is the most sick, perverted twisted son of a bitch you'll ever have the pleasure meeting. He'll watch. He'll study He'll prowl. He'll hunt. Then he'll pounce on his unsuspecting victims. It's always onto the next house, the next target. But she's the ultimate. The crown jewel.

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This book will seek the inner sickness within yourself and stick to it like glue, no matter how much you sit there telling yourself that Sam is a sick twisted fucker and you hate him with everything pure within yourself he slides right into your system and doesn't leave. You try so hard not to connect with his character but it's a losing battle.

When he studies Vesper he see's that there is something different about her compared to his other victims.

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Vesper's caught glimpses of a man out of the corner of her eye watching her, she's even gone so far as to fantasize about him. I feel it, I'm being watched, the feeling is instant. This is not the first time I have had this feeling. When the time to strike comes all his well thought out plans came tumbling down around him when he takes her with him. A home invasion, Vesper is home with her boyfriend and her special needs brother, everything is right in the world, until it's not, woken up with a flashlight shining in her eyes, a man wearing a balaclava and welding a knife, his plan is to go in, do what he does, then make his escape, only she changed all the rules.

She made a bargain with the devil Take me with you I don't even know how to write up this review, my mind is reeling over everything I read and I'm sitting here contemplating weither I need therapy since I liked it so much!! Either way I go about writing this up will reveal spoilers so this is going to be one of my no frills reviews.

Go in with an open mind, it is disturbingly sick, you will question all your morals, basically leave those at the door, there will be no cute little puppies or unicorns farting glitter, this is fucked up, sick, twisted, but is hot all at the same time, embrace all that is wrong with this book or run for the hills now..

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You have been warned!! Sep 27, Olga therebelreader rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle , erotica-xxx , twisted , arc-cc-final-review , kidnapped , suspense-angst , raw. I hate to give a book 2 stars but, unfortunately, this one did nothing for me. I have several issues with the book that contributed to my lukewarm feelings.

Take Me with You

I expected suspense, action, and for it to be a thrilling ride until the end. I love the thrill of dark books but this one was quite boring for me since the plot was mild and the characters lacked dimension. It's just the typical girl got abducted, raped and given consequences for her actions and rewards In between all the sex there a I hate to give a book 2 stars but, unfortunately, this one did nothing for me.

In between all the sex there are some plot elements which seem overall pretty farfetched.

Sadly, I think this book lacked whatever it needed to make it work. The writing itself was very choppy. The book also had a few editing issues. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. Thank you. View all 11 comments. Take Me with You was so close to a five star read. A story so intricate and deranged, I found myself gasping for air after some scenes and not believing my own eyes after others.

Maybe she was something in between people like them and people like me. You come across many dark romance reads that excite you with what its potential plot could be like and all the prior warnings build a narrative up. Two chapters later, you're putting down the kindle, or the book, or your face - all because you were expecting a mind blowing dark-romancegasm. And what you got was an amateur eight minute hit and run. I have two points to make with that innuendo. It may not be what you think.

But it's dark nonetheless. The word itself meaning void of any light. Because there is no light in this book.

You may think there is - I sure as hell did. Forget it. I don't know what my plans are for it, but I want it in my hand, something physical and sharp to grab and ground me in reality because I am spinning. The characters both had these traits that the reader only figured out after chipping away at both their exteriors. Both Sam and Vesper were made so that you hated yourself for loving them. Both were carved so that they have terrible flaws and fucked up thought processes, and I'm so messed up for loving them still.

The flashbacks were a hit and miss for me. This was the only thing that I felt lacked the little "oomph" that this novel needed for the fifth star. We got a lot of why Sam was what he was with his backstory. Like any psychopath Also, hats off to Ms. Jones for giving him that narrating voice so unique to his sociopath ways. Although, it was a needed ingredient to us understanding and loving him even though he's a fucking headcase. I feel like it could have been executed in a way that it didn't feel like I was reading two separate stories. The last kiss. The kiss that I'll feel on my lips for the rest of my miserable existence.

Searching for just a glimpse of that feeling again before I die. I cried, I laughed, I squirmed, I danced, I wanted more. I hear a lot of people describing their books with "this book had alllll the feels. HOWEVER, This book did have all the feels and not just the ones that make your stomach drop, but feels that made you hurt and while you're reading Sam and Vespers story - you ached and loved and it was so so much like living inside something - that, its the only way I can describe it.

I lived inside this story.