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Clock Repair For Beginners and Advanced Craftsmen

It provides step-by-step instructions Includes photos and text on a full Frankenmuth Clock Company is one of the largest full-service clock stores in the Midwest, providing authentic, imported German clocks as well as various clock parts and repair services.

If you are looking to repair your own cuckoo clock or anniversary clock, we stock a wide variety of clock repair parts to meet your needs. We also supply various clock repair guide books that cover clock repair basics and more specific clock repair techniques. Our repair parts include brass-plated and silver winding keys and other required parts to repair old-fashioned anniversary clocks, grandfather clocks, and more.

Though we specialize in German cuckoo clocks, we also have expertise with Hermle clocks, Bulova clocks, table clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks, and large gallery clocks, and we are proud to be an Authorized Howard Miller Service Center. I enjoyed your DVD course enormously and thought I would let you know that I got all my clocks cleaned up and running again.

See a Problem?

They are all ticking away and I have managed to adjust them to keep pretty much perfect time. Your presentation on the DVDs was clear, concise and relevant to all the cleaning and repairs I needed to do. Thank you so much for leading me to my favourite new hobby! All I have to do now is to find some more clocks to fix.

Thanks for a great start into a possible new career. As far as I can tell you have the best, most easy to follow clock repair series I have seen and is worth every penny you charge. I can tell you enjoy helping people, I am the same way. I am a computer network engineer by trade and I'm in the business of helping folks out. I love what I do and besides, it's what God lead me to do if you are spiritual.

I can't tell you how much I love old clocks and how much I love to work with my hands. I am a very mechanical type of guy, always have been since I was a kid. Last night I bought an Ultrasonic Cleaning machine as I can use that for multiple things in the shop.

I also build vintage Corvettes , and I ordered a new Sherline lathe as well. My main use will be for clock work but it will also be nice to have for other things in the shop. My 11 year old has a big interest in making things as well so we decided he will make a hammer when the lathe arrives! I think at this point the only tool I will be needing is a Bergeon bushing tool as far as the higher cost stuff goes. I already had most of the small hand tools in my overstuffed Snap On box. My wife just shakes her head LOL….

Okay John, sorry for being long winded but I do love talking shop. I hope to meet you in person someday and of course if you find yourself coming to Nashville, please call and dinner is on me…. Some purchased a while ago; some in I have recently retired full time and started to utilize the DVD's. I've enjoyed the first two enormously, I haven't made a start on the third yet.

I had already been studying from books and experimenting by myself for a couple of months before I got your videos, but I was really feeling the need to compare notes with another live human being, unfortunately I was unable to find any clubs etc in my area. Your videos come close to being a substitute. I particularly enjoyed that the videos were not too heavily edited: if something went wrong you described the recovery then carried on. This is very reassuring because it means I needn't feel like an idiot when something goes wrong for me as well.

I haven't said much about the lathe courses, but I found your segment on disassembling, cleaning and maintenance of the headstock particularly valuable. Where else can I find this info? I really have no idea.

Job Guide - Watch/Clock Repairer

All of my lathe books describe operation and accessories etc, none describe maintenance except one book which suggests sending it back to the mfr for servicing. I had no idea that the headstock even needed oiling until I watched your video! In short, please keep 'em coming! I've watched the second in the series. You don't know how much a godsend you are. My dear Father had a clock that he loved and played with. My last memory of him is doing something with a nail on his jewelers lathe to fix his clock.

There were 17 ruined nails in a pile When he died, the clock was working, but it wasn't totally reassembled. That was 4 years ago. Thanks to you, and your instruction, I will hopefully be able to fix his clock. I have his jewelers lathe, the parts and pieces, the calipers and a lot of the tools of which you speak. Do you know what my dad could have done with your video instruction? It boggles the mind because I do think he was doing things the hard way. Thank you.

It was terrific and I am working on a couple of clocks now. I'm truly impressed with your videos since I have no previous experience in clock repair. What a wealth of information!! I really appreciate all the information. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated these videos. Thanks again!

PDF The Clock Repairer's Manual (Manual of Techniques) of Mick Watters on 25 November 1996

Many thanks in advance for your assistance and for your inspiring course material you make it look too easy! Very detailed with excellent filming to give hands on experience. I couldn't be more pleased with the set of 4 DVDs. John knows how to get down to the details that are required to properly repair clocks. He also teaches many of those important items learned through experience that are not in the books. So very professional with extremely clear visuals and verbal explanations. Like working beside John as he goes through his teaching.

Frank from FL. It has proven to be very helpful. I just placed an order for your Advanced Clock Repair. Looking forward to watching your Advanced clock repair. I am enjoying the course immensely so far! John Tope is knowledgeable and articulate. Clock Repair 1 and 2 was well done, quite informative, and very well lighted.

Close ups are sharp and well thought out. Dialog is kept simple and direct to the subject. Too many teachers love to hear themselves talk. I like John's minimizing the need for expensive tools if it can be done more economically. Christmas present for my 12 yr old son who is seriously getting into clock repair and has practically worn out the first "Intro" set of DVDs.

Please tell John how much we enjoy the material, it's been a great help. Thank you so much for the brilliant service. My wife got me into it. Her father was really good at fixing old clocks. He learned from his father. So we decided to buy him a Gilbert clock as a present, and I was winding it, and the mainspring broke. I was going to give him a clock and a project which he would like. None of his 5 kids are really interested in clock repair.

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  • Advanced Clock Repair.

This past Christmas he and I started talking about clocks. When my wife and I decided to get him the clock. I started getting excited about clock repair. He was going to start teaching me about how to fix clocks.

Parts: Clocks & Anniversary Clocks

We talked a lot on the phone, and he did teach me a little. Unfortunately, both he and my mother in law were killed in an auto accident the day before his birthday just a few weeks back. After awhile, I decided to try to learn enough about clocks to repair that Gilbert we had gotten for him. I feel it's something I want to do for him.

He had previously given us a clock and given clocks to all of his other children.