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The Victorian era marked a time dedicated to religion and love. Hands, hearts, crosses and knots were common motifs in the jewellery of the time, as well as symbolism drawn from nature - birds, flowers, trees.


Snake jewellery was a popular representation of eternal love. The gentlemen of the day were a far cry from the dazzling Incroyables of the Georgian era. Please note this is just a soft search and it will not affect your credit score. The search it leaves on your credit file cannot be seen by lenders and will not affect their decision. For Him. Need any assistance? Have jewellery to sell? Send us the details. You shopping bag is empty. Did You Know? History How To Jewellery School. Musings Spotlight Style File Tastemakers.

The Seductive Romance of Snake Jewellery. Rose Gold. Art Nouveau. Art Deco. Shop Victorian A pretty 15ct gold bar brooch that was made circa It has been set with a natural pearl, a ruby and a sapphire three leaf clover within a circle of braided gold.

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A lucky brooch and a lovely gift for someone special. A smart 12ct gold signet ring that was made in Birmingham in It has been set with a plain two carnelian. Carnelian is a type of agate. The idea is that this agate would have been engraved with either a crest or a monogram through the paler white top to the darker colour beneath to create a contrast.

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This can still be done if wanted. An attractive 15ct gold tie pin that was made circa It has fine rope work and ball decoration that has been hand applied. In the centre is a rose diamond. This would be a lovely gift to a future husband. All our tie pins come with a stopper at the end of the pin. A really beautifully 18ct gold ring that was made circa The three diamonds have a total weight of 1. These diamonds would most likely have been sourced from the Golconda mines in India.

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On either side of the diamonds are small rose cut diamonds that give the ring a neat line. This was common practice with Victorian rings. The shank is known as a carved half hoop due to the decoration on either side. It would make a marvellous engagement ring. A stunning 18ct gold ring that was made in Sheffield in It is in fantastic condition with bright cut engraving throughout of flowers.

The buckle motif represents eternity, loyalty, strength and protection and was used a lot in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian jewellery. An unusual tie pin that was made circa It has a carved malachite ball on the top. Malchite was sourced in the Ural mountains in Russia. It has historically been worn for it for protection from lightning and contagious diseases and for health, success, and constancy in the affections. So what an appropriate gift to give to someone that you admire. A lovely 18ct gold ring that was made circa It has been set with three well matched Royal blue colour sapphires with four old mine cut diamonds in between the sapphires.

It would make a stunning engagement ring. The bow is traditionally seen as a symbol of love and marriage, so this lovely 15ct gold ring was given with love in the s. It has been set with turquoise which means "Forget me not" after the flower of the same name. It is so pretty and would make a lovely dress ring. A top quality 18ct gold ring that was made circa It has been set with three natural split pearls with small rose diamonds in between a criss cross design. It is smart and easy to wear on a daily basis.

A smart Victorian ring that can be worn on its own or stacked with other rings. It has been set with five old mine cut diamonds set in rub over settings. It was made in London in A beautiful and well modelled 18ct gold double snake ring that was made circa It has been set with a pear shaped turquoise and a pear shaped amethyst. The turquoise stands for "Forget me not" and the amethyst stands for "Love" as Cupid is often featured with an amethyst in antique jewellery.

The two entwined snakes signify "Eternal union". There are small rose diamonds in the eyes that add a subtle glint! A very useful pair of 15ct gold earrings that were made circa They have good detail with a rope edge and star settings with an old mine cut diamond in each one. They can be worn on a daily basis. A stunning pair of 15ct gold acorn earrings that were made circa They have been so beautifully modelled and are light to wear as they are hollow.

They have applied gold wire for the top of the acorns and the leaves have been finely chased. Acorns are a true English symbol of growth and prosperity. This is an impressive tie pin that was made circa It has been set with quite a large rose diamond. Rose diamonds have a lovely quality in how they reflect light and this rose diamond certainly does refract the light and looks spectacular when worn.

These 18ct gold cufflinks are the smallest that I have ever come across. I can only assume that they were made for a child. They date from around A stylish 18ct gold snake ring set with a pear shaped turquoise in its head. It has two tiny rose diamonds for its eyes. Snakes featured heavily in the myths of ancient Greece and Rome. They were reviled for their ability to shed their skin, meaning that they were seen as a symbol of regeneration and rebirth.

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This association with regeneration and fertility suggests links to the Georgian and Victorian connotations between snakes and "Eternal love". The use of the turquoise means "Forget me not" after the flower of the same name. A good 18ct gold locket made by Edwin William Streeter. Streeter set up business in in Conduit Street. He took a particular interest in precious stones.


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